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Six Common Causes For Slip And Fall Injuries


Around one million people visit a hospital every year in a slip and fall accident case. The outcome of the accident varies from small bumps to skull damages or even death in some cases. You can demand your rights in the slip and fall case by hiring a good lawyer who has previous experience in handling slip and fall cases. In the website http://pacelawfirm.com/blog/slip-and-fall-injury/, you can find a video which describes how to claim the compensation amount in slip and fall case and what are the different rules in slip and fall.

The six general causes of slip and fall accidents are explained below.

The National Floor Safety Institute states that 55% of the slip and fall accident is because of uneven or wet surfaces. Some of the reasons that cause the walking surface hazard are loose floorboards, torn carpeting, poorly built staircases, damaged sidewalks, recently mopped floors and parking lot potholes. Any of these conditions cause the slip and fall accident to occur.

Many slip and fall cases are because of the dangerous weather conditions such as rain, snow or ice. Being an ordinary person you cannot predict what damages the weather will cause. The municipalities and the property owners must take the responsibility to dig sidewalks, plow streets, salt steps and sidewalks. When the building owners or the municipalities ignore their duties, then you have the rights to claim compensation legally for your injuries.

As per the report of the National Floor Safety Institute around 24% of the slip and fall case is due to the Footwear. You should not think that people who wear nine-inch heels are suffering from this problem. Even one who wears sneakers is facing the accident. The work boots and sneakers lack to provide necessary grip that makes the people slip and fall at home or office or public places.

The next cause is when people become older, their balance sense decreases. The senior people are at great risk of falling and also when an old man or woman fall he or she gets life-threatening diseases such as a fracture. Even lack of proper administration in a nursing home makes them slip and fall and get damages.

Some of the accidents happen due to the improper training at the work place. In some manufacturing and construction work sites, the employees need to walk either on the narrow paths or slick surfaces. If the employers fail to give proper on-the-job training, it leads to slip and fall accident.

The National Floor Safety Institute reveals that 3% of the slip and fall case is not legitimate. The victim creates a stage for fall dumping oil on the floor without falling intentionally. Though the building owner is not responsible for the claim, he or she must offer the compensation amount when the case is legally filed against them. If you met with a slip and fall accident by any of the above cases then you can approach a skillful attorney who works hard to get justice in your case.

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