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History Of Marks And Spencer Retail Shop In London

Marks and Spencer is the big retailer shop established by Michael Marks in London. In the earlier days, Marks started the small business in Kirkgate Market in Leeds. He sold household items, nails, and screws thereby earn the profit of a penny in each item he sold. Over a period of time, he developed his business and opened branches in many places in and around North West England. In the year 1894, Thomas Spencer established the Thomas Marks business, and it makes the two businessmen to start their first Marks and Spencer shop in Manchester.
Marks and Spencer is the big retail store in London many customers search the Marks and Spencer contact number to raise various complaints.
In the early 1900’s, Marks and Spencer started the small chain of business in the name of Arcadia. The success strategy followed by Marks from the year 1926 is buying the materials directly from the manufacturers without any intermediaries. This practice is from his early days of business and still the company is following the same procedure.
From the year 1950, the products of Marks and Spencer are sold under the label of ‘St Michael’. The separate label is set by the company for women clothing. ‘St Margaret’ is the label name specially created for women clothing and school uniforms for girl children. Their products are very popular and preferred by all types of customers.
The company became the best retailer for offering quality products to the customers and maintaining a good relationship with their customers. The company works with the slogan that their customers are always right. The company has the refund policy, and if the customer is not satisfied, then complains about the products of Marks and Spencer, a refund is allowed. This is the first company that banned the smoking inside the premises in the year 1959 with the main aim of enhancing fire safety, but it also facilitates good health of their staff and customers.
Simon Marks son of Michael Marks became the chairman of the company and after Simon, Israel Sieff became the chairman. The company introduced Avocados in the retail shop to introduce the customers’ new products that are rare in their locality. The company always gives importance to the quality of the products rather than offering cheap products.
To ensure the quality food sale, the company introduced food labeling in the year 1970. Frozen foods were launched in the M&S retail shops in 1971. Chicken Kiev was initiated in this Business firm in the year 1979, and after that, it became a world famous food.
The technological development has created online shopping and in the year 1999, the company developed online shopping so that customers will find it easy to buy their products without visiting the shop directly. To attract the customers, M&S offers various discounts and voucher codes that are unique from its competitors. It is the biggest British retailer offering clothing, home requirements items and quality food. School Uniforms are the favorite items of the shop, and there will be discounts and offers available to attract more customers.

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